How to Pin Curl Long Hair | Long Hairstyles

Published on October 13, 2019

So now I’m going to show you how to actually
pin curl your hair.
No matter if you have wavy hair or curly hair,
you want to start on the top of the head so
you won’t get like tangled with the rest of
the hair.
So take a small section again.
Comb the hair through.
Put your finger around it, and just wrap it
around into a curl.
Using a small little metal clip.
You will pin the curl into the roots.Take
a small section again right underneath.
Wrap the hair around your finger, and make
your way down.
So this is one way of doing the pin curl.
Another way would be to actually wrap the
hair around the fingers and keep it flat against
the scalp.
So that way would give the effects of 1920
kind of wavy finger wave.
When you keep it up like this it will give
you a little bit more volume in the hair instead
of being so flat.
Its two different things but the razor will
be a little bit different, but it is the same
process of wrapping the hair around the fingers.
So once all the pin curls are in you can see
everything is flat to the scalp.
You will either put a little bit of hairspray
and then heat it up with a hair dryer so you
can heat it piece by piece.
Heat it up.
When its all heat up let it cool down.
You can let it cool down for 10 minutes, 15
minutes, half an hour if you need to get dressed
or do your makeup.
Its plenty of time.
When that’s cooled down you just need to take
it out and see the final results.
So I just took the pin curl out, so this the
result your going to get.
Of course it looks a little to set.
So what we need to do is use a brush or a
comb to actually break it to a little bit
smoother wave.
And forming waves which would give her a 1920’s
kind of wavy look.
So you could actually tease some of the bottom
hair and then slightly comb it.
Once the pin curls are out use a comb or a
brush to smooth the hair out and actually
do a little bit of teasing underneath to give
a little fullness into it.
Then use your finger to create those waves.
To give a little 1920 kind of look.
This is very like red carpet kind of look.

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How to Pin Curl Long Hair - Long Hairstyles
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