HOW TO: SIMPLE UPDO | Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2019

Published on August 30, 2019

I’m thrilled to share this simple up-do hair tutorial with you. It’s the perfect summer hairstyle (especially during this heat wave) and would look amazing on any bride or her bridesmaids, and the best part is that it’s much simpler and easier than it looks to create.

hey guys welcome back I am so excited to

share today’s video with you it’s a

really easy textured effortless low

button I think you guys are going to be

so surprised with how simple this

hairstyle is I promise you this time

it’s truly easy but I can’t wait for you

guys to see so let’s go ahead and get

started to prep my hair I created soft

waves using a 1 and a quarter inch

barrel and I just wrapped one inch

sections of hair away from my face and

to help the curls hold their shape I

just try to catch them in my hand as

they fall off the barrel and then I just

squeeze the hair until it’s cool and

then release the curl next my new fave

is this Amica texturizing spray I love

this stuff it creates the perfect amount

of texture and volume without weighing

down your hair plus it smells amazing

alright hair is prepped time to section

so part your hair is normal and just

place a finger at the back of your part

then roughly trace a line down behind

your ear to the nape of your neck then

place this front section out of the way

for now and then repeat it on the right

side tracing from the back of your part

behind your ear to the nape of your neck

and just placing that section out of the

way next up loosely gather your hair

into a low ponytail try not to flatten

all that volume that we added since

we’ll be creating a bun I’d recommend

gathering the hair about an inch or two

up from the nape of your neck similar to

how I have it here now take a strong

hair elastic and carefully secure your

ponytail into place and then instead of

pulling your ponytail all the way

through on the last loop you just want

to partially pull it through creating a

bun for that effortless appearance just

pull on the sides of your bun Fanning it

out and then on small sections to add

texture and of course pull on small

sections of hair around your crown to

add even more volume and lift now the

fun part grab the tail from your bun

with your right hand pull it towards the

right and then bring it up and cross it

over your bun and then just hold your

ends in place with one hand while you

adjust the hair so if your hair is

shorter you can make

this tighter and if your hair is longer

you can make it nice and loose that way

you have less ends to worry about later

on once you’re happy with it secure your

ends into place to the left of your bun

and don’t worry about it being perfect

because the next step will help hide any

bobby pins if your ends are still

showing like mine gather them up keeping

your ends pointed down and just secure

them right into place where we had bobby

pins earlier now I love the undone look

of the ends showing but feel free to

completely tuck them away now we’re

almost there is to grab your left

section from earlier and pull out any

small pieces of hair to frame your face

and then lightly twist this section

clockwise once and this will help hold

all of the hair into place once twisted

gently pull on the bottom of your twists

to fan it out which will also cover your

bobby pins then loosely bring that

section across the back of your head

above your bun and then secure ends into

place just to the right of your bun and

if you don’t want your ends showing just

fold them up and pin them out of the way

and then grab your right section pulling

small pieces out to frame your face and

this time loosely twist it once

counterclockwise and then fan it out by

pulling on the bottom of your twists I

just love the elegance of the step adds

to the hairstyle and then loosely bring

that section across the back of your

head above your previous twist secure it

into place to the left of your bun and

you can use your previous twists to help

hide your bobby pins and then take any

remaining ends and bring them underneath

your bun pinning them out of the way

until you’re happy with the appearance

you can completely tuck them away for a

more polished feel or leave a few small

strands out for a more effortless look

and then don’t forget to lock it into

place with your favorite hairspray

so are you surprised was it easier than

you thought it was going to be you’ll

have to comment and let me know but I

really hope that you enjoyed today’s

video if you did please don’t forget to

give it a thumbs up and if you really

like these like simple effortless buns I

will link some similar hair tutorials

down below for you thank you so much for

watching you guys I really hope you

enjoyed this tutorial and I will talk to

you guys in my next video bye

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HOW TO - SIMPLE UPDO - Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2019
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