How To Style Long Hair Faster: Tips and Tricks

Published on September 11, 2019

For anyone who has long hair–you know just how long it can take to wash it, dry it, and style it. And for somebody who’s a little bit lazy and impatient when it comes to doing hair (like me), any tip and trick to cut down on styling time helps. So that’s exactly what I’ve done in this video. I compiled all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years on how to style my long hair faster, and I’m sharing them all with you. I hope you find them helpful!

hey guys how’s it going it’s Lilia here

from the deluxe II air team and I just

got out of the shower and I figured

since I’m doing my hair anyway drying it

and styling it I’ll show you guys how I

do it and what my hair routine looks

like anybody with long hair knows just

how long you can really take to wash it

and dry it and style it so over the

years I compiled a few tips and tricks

that I’m going to be sharing with you on

how to style hair like this but much

faster I don’t always blow-dry my hair

but when I do tip number one is to

always make sure that it air dries until

about 80% this saves a ton of time

damages your hair less and also you can

do other stuff while you wait for the

hair to dry


another time-saving technique is to do

your hair treatments and hair masks

either before or during the shower I

like to use coconut oil once a week so

that it keeps my hair shiny and

moisturized then I go in and use the

detangling spray that I got at a beauty

supply and I always always use heat

protectant if you want your hair to be

healthy and shiny then you absolutely

have to do this step so for this first

tip of the blow-dry I take the nozzle

off and dry my hair upside down for

extra volume almost completely


then the nozzle goes back on and I

separate my hair in two parts front and

back and for this next step I’ll be

using a round brush and my nozzle

hairdryer so I’m not sure why I do this

but I find this is the most comfortable

technique for me so instead of having

the nozzle place dead on I turn it

slightly at an angle so that when it

connects for the brush a larger surface

area is covered and I find a dries



when you’re almost done click that cool

button and go over the hair once again

to cool it down and help seal the

cuticle this way your hair will be

really shiny and once you’re done just

do the exact same thing with the rest of

your hair I dry this one upside down

because it’s just a little bit easier on

my arms and that’s it because we air

dried the hair in the beginning just

took me about 10 to 15 minutes while it

normally takes forever to dry okay now

on to styling again curling hair take

forever so here’s a trick take two

elastics and put your hair in two high

ponytails then start curling your hair

in sections


after they’ve completely cooled down

take them out and boil up you have

beautiful curls now on to creating some

volume at the roots I like to use a

texturizing powder or a natural dry

shampoo powder to add that volume and

massage it into my roots like this you

can also put some in your hands and

scrunch your hair up like this for even

more volume and that’s it

before I used to dread washing and

curling my hair but honestly when you

use these tips it really cuts the time

down which is awesome I hope you guys

enjoyed this video and found it helpful

if you have any requests for videos

you’d like to see in the future please

be sure to let me know in the comments

below have a beautiful day season

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How To Style Long Hair Faster - Tips and Tricks
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