Published on September 9, 2019

my belt hey girls and boy this Jordan

back at it again with another YouTube

video I’m seeing a video that I’ve

actually not done in so long like a year

maybe no blimey that is a hot minute let

me tell you so I thought you know what

let’s just do another one let’s bring it

back you guys have been asking me to do

this for the longest time finally I’m

doing it you can probably tell from the

title anyway it but today I’m gonna be

doing my current favorite go-to

hairstyles and there was a mixture of

stuff in here we’ve got the sleek and

straight kind of vibe

we’ve got buns updos and we’ve also got

waves there is literally something for

everyone in this video within the past

month I’ve gone back to my like shorter

hair which I have missed my short hair

okay like it’s always been kind of short

but like it’s short now like up here

literally my favorite thing ever huh and

then I recently got it color so I

thought hey why don’t we just like walk

out with a video like right about our

disclaimer as well before anybody

literally like comes for me I know that

my hair is not the shortest hair in the

world but it is short like when I go to

put my hair up all the underneath layer

falls out like that’s when you know

you’ve got your hair right here anyway

anyway anyway I think that’s everything

with all that being said I really really

hope this is helpful for you and you

enjoy these looks as much as I do so if

you want to see how I created this and

many other hairstyles then yeah just

keep watchin starting off with you sleek

and straight look I’m gonna show you

guys know how I get my hair pretty damn

straight but also how I get it like

smooth and sleek all at the same time so

starting off with my freshly washed hair

I’m going to part my hair just above my

eyebrows just put into two sections you

know so it’s bit easier to deal with

it’s not too much of a whole mess now

I’m taking my way at smooth spray now

this little guy let me tell you let me

tell you this is like the key to the

smoothness so I’m just gonna spray that

on that section brush your fruit to get

the product everywhere now using my

ghd’s which are the best hair

straighteners ever I’m going to start

from the root go down the hair but the

key is to go down slowly I know it seems

like it’d be more time consuming by

actually like takes less time because

you just go down the hair one

and your hair’s like immediately

straight you don’t have to keep going

over it and it’s better for your hair as

well you don’t have to use as much heat

like keep repeating the same thing if

you know what I mean just you can see

here is like a little before and after

so we go from like a wavy frizzy hot

mess to Desiree in literally seconds so

I’m just gonna repeat that over the bond

layer once I’m happy with that I’m gonna

take down the top layer split my hairs

on the middle spray some more of that

way smooth spray in and then just carry

on straightening my hair

it literally is dead simple once I’ve a

straightened everything BAM power of

editing I wish I could show my head is

quick but what can you do we are going

to sort out the little flower so can you

guys see the little bits of hair that

are sticking up that little bug hair

bits they have all they do to tame them

take the way smooth spray in my hands

and then just use my hands to flatten

over the little crazy pieces of hair and

as you can see it ends up super super

smooth and guys that is literally it

that is this first hair so sleek and

straight again but tight behind the ears

less viewers pretty much the same as

last time but is so simple to do and it

looks like a brand new house outright so

rewind back to the technique I used to

show my hair I’m gonna do that come back

to this hairstyle and I’m gonna take the

two front pieces of hair and just tuck

them behind my ears for a sec now I’m

gonna have some volumes I’m gonna take

my little teasing brush take a section

of hair from my crown and just also like

it gently tease the hair I personally

like the way this looks I think from all

angles it looks pretty good now I’m

going to my favorite has very little

Oreo L net guys this is the best goddamn


AHA I’m just going to spray the t’s to

keep that in place all day

smooth over with my hands then give my

hair one final all you know one two

little spritz of hairspray now I’m gonna

take a bobby pin and this is a really

good tip if your hair struggles to stay

behind your ears just pin the bits of

hair back like this this is good if

you’ve got like short bangs as well and

it will stay there the whole time and

that is it

next hairstyle the lobe on guys this is

so simple I love it it’s so effortless

and carefree and you can just like and

do it and walk out the door you know

what I mean so saying by gathering the

hair at the nape of my neck making sure

I get all of the hair taking a hair

bubble and I’m gonna start timer hair

like I would a normal Pony but on the

last time round just pull it halfway

through to create that loop now shore

hair troubles I get these little sticky

out bits so I just have to kind of like

gather the hair back again and put

another hair band round just to extra

secure it to make sure you don’t get

them weird like spiky sticky out bits

also ignore that weird bit of hair

sticking out is so hard I could actually

see because I don’t have a mirror but

I’m yeah I’m on it I like more of like a

carefree kind of vibe so I’m just gonna

pull out the roots to kind of loosen

everything up a little bit now taking a

bobby pin I’m gonna start to pin my

fringe bit back here just to ensure that

it doesn’t like fold down or anything

fringe bangs whatever you want to call

them I’d on both sides get my hair final

spritz of hairspray and that is that one


now for the high bun I’m pretty sure

this is what inspired this video to be

fair for like you guys really really

wanted to see this now it’s actually

dead simple so I start by just covering

up my hair onto the top of my head I

also use my brush just to kind of like

get all the hair and smooth everything

out now I’m gonna take a hair bubble I

prefer the slightly thicker ones I feel

like they actually hold my hair properly

I’m gonna start tie my hair like I would

a normal pony the same sort of vibe but

on the last time round like I’m doing

now I’m just gonna put it through a

third of the way through just to create

a little baby loop and hopefully you’ll

have something like this I will zoom in

to show you so yeah tie it once twice

normal but the third time around

whatever last time y’all heaven is if

that makes sense

just pull it a third of the way through

now just in the middle of the bun I mean

it starts all ruffling it off and

putting out a little bit just to create

a bit more texture and now these two

side cuts here I’m gonna pinch them pull

them back and tuck them into the back of

the hair band just to grab a bit of a

thinner bun and then obviously because

we didn’t pull the hair free we have

these bits left so I’m just divided into

two and cross them over the front of the

bun like this and then pull them back

round to the back and then just pin it

in place with some bobby pins as you can

see the bun shape is already there and

it’s dead simple that’s it I go ahead

just keep bobby pin in it until I feel

it secure spray it with some hairspray

as well so that you should don’t move

now because I do have short hair short

hair struggles obviously the bottom

layer does fall down so I’m gonna take

these clips you can just use bobby pins

if you want I’m gonna put one in going

in right and put one in going in left

that way it’s super super secure and

won’t fall down just finish it off with

a little bit of hairspray and my hand

just to kind of smooth everything over

now this is totally optional I’m gonna

think of brown eye shadow okay and what

I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use this to

fill in my hairline obviously where your

hair so tight back it can create kind of

bald spots here’s a before and after so

you can really see as you can see on the

left it looks really full and then on

the right it just it’s not as good but

yeah that is it that is this house all


so another high barn but this is with

bangs it is pretty much the same thing

but we have her down to frame our face

is something a little bit different so

what I’m going to do is I’m going to

stop my section off the front bits of my

hair that I want to have down to frame

my face and once I’ve done that we’re

gonna rewind guys I’m gonna repeat the

same thing so gather the hair pull it a

third of the way through mess up in the

middle pinch the sides pin it back so

tuck it all in take the excess hair

cross it over the front take them back

round the back and then just bobby pin

that all in place then this is where

it’s different so I’m gonna start sort

of pulling out the root to add a bit

more volume

I’m taking my GHD hair straighteners

we’re gonna curl the front so as you can

see I’m pointing to this side of the

hair straining you’ll see I’m gonna turn

it back 180 and it now becomes the back

and then you can just pull it down quite

quickly and you’ll end up with a light

wave I literally just repeat that on the

other side I only turn it 180 because

then you get the light wave rather than

a really tight curl if you turn it like

360 I’ll just keep turning it as you go

down the tighter the curl I kind of just

run my fingers I can loosen it and just

mess it up a little bit give a bit of a

hairspray and a scrunchie at the same

time as well just to keep that shape and

then of course I can’t forget to tie up

the little loose bits that I get that

falls down you guys know what I mean

now for one of my faves this is such a

classic the beachy waves I love this

hairstyle in like short I mean I love it

in all hair but sure how things look so

fab so I’m gonna start just by

sectioning off my hair above my ears I’m

gonna be section in three sections

because I think I have it’s just a bit

more easier to manage

ght straighteners again that’s all we’re

gonna be using so you want to clamp down

on the hair go 180 under pull it down a

teeny bit then you’re gonna turn it back

up the other way and go down and you’re

gonna repeat that it’s kinda hard to

explain but hopefully you can kind of

see what I’m doing so I’m kind of going

under pull down a bit over pull down a

bit and just keep repeating that down

the hair and as you can see you get this

sort of light wave and I just repeat

that so again under down a bit over down

a bit under down a bit yeah

just to help even more this is the kind

of wrist action that happens that’s the

sort of movement I do I just keep

repeating that over my whole hair take

sections down keep repeating it what I

love about this hairstyle is about it’s

so carefree you can have some bit style

wavy or some bits that are straighter it

really doesn’t matter because it is just

a beachy wave and it does nothing

perfect guys can I just say as well if

you struggle to curl your hair with a

straightener try this method I promise

you it is so much easier – way more

user-friendly you don’t have to worry

about getting in like a hot mess or

worry about what the straightness doing

really shows so much more carefree and

way easier now once I waved all my hair

I’m gonna take the mark heel wave spray

I’m just gonna spray a little bit of

that on my hand and then just scrunch it

into my hair this creates more that like

beachy tousled wave look makes it look a

little bit piece yeah as you can see

from there right to the left of course –

exactly saying it to the other side I

like spraying into my hand rather than

directly into my hair because I feel

like I have more control over the

product I keep flipping my hair over by

the way I go a little bit crazy with

this I’m not gonna lie keep flipping and

scrunching and then from here onwards

it’s all up to you you can put your part

where you want style your hair oh you

want flip at how you want just get the

hair exactly where you want it I quite

like a middle part personally but

totally up to you now I’m gonna take

some hairspray and I’m gonna lift the

hair and spray so I lift and spray I

find that this actually helps with the

volume in my hair as well and then

obviously I get all the layers of my

hair as well and that is it it is as

simple as that

now we have tight curls I love this

hairstyle it’s a bit more time-consuming

to do but it lasts in your hair flat for

four days it was like so worth it so I

start by parting off my hair I’m gonna

do it up off my ears again like I said

I’ve quite thick hair so it’s easier for

me now I’m using the Mark Hill corkscrew

wand by the way the mark Hill curling

wands are everything if you’re not tried

them you Sony – I’m just gonna take a

really small bit of hair wrap it around

the wand hold it for anywhere from like

five to ten seconds let it go and you’ll

have this cute little tight curl I keep

repeating this over my entire hair

little tip make sure the hairs flat

against the one so then the heat is

evenly distributed and it’ll curl

properly as you can see this piece here

I’m actually curling it towards my face

that’s another tip to get a lot of

volume and to make sure the curls

obviously don’t all stick together do

some away from your face towards your

face and then you get that variety so

you know you don’t know like you’ve just

got like one big curl on your head just

taking another layer down now someone –

the second out third layers and I’m just

gonna repeat the exact same thing over

my whole head here is a before and after

so you can see how much these cows give

volume and I’ve not even touched them

yet so when you’ve curled it all when

your hair is all nice and curled we’re

gonna start piecing the cows apart so I

take a curl and just sort of break up

into smaller bits just add more texture

and then I put my hand in and gently

shake nothing too crazy you know we

don’t end up like a frizzy mess this

will also help a lot with volume as well

obviously we’re actually creating more

cows in our hair by breaking them apart

and then yeah just go in give it another

little shake and then as soon as I’m

happy we’re there I’m going to of course

add some hairspray to hold the curls do

that whole lifting thing as well now I

go back in with the curling wand and I

curl the two fringe little pieces that

will frame my face I like them to be

quite curly because of the safe soon as

you look at me they’re the first thing

you see and then at once I’ve done that

I’ll kind of just like a look at my hair

and see what I think needs touching up

don’t be afraid to go back in with your

curling wand all I do is I actually on

the top layer of my hair take really

really small bits of hair and make them

really curly because it kind of gives

the illusion that all of your hair is

really curly do you not I mean and then

guys just keep playing around with it

until you’re happy and that is that has

well done


this last hairstyle is these tight curls

but it’s half-up half-down so it’s a

carry on from the curls that we just did

this is such an easy transformation to

me like a brand new hairstyle guys

you’re gonna be so all that I do is I

really really roughly grab up half of my

hair you know need to like a classic

half up half down I leave the front

pieces down though as well then I’m

gonna take a hair band and really really

loosely it’s high into a ponytail I do

it loose so as you can see I have room

to pull it the hair and it just makes it

way easier for us I go in really pull it

to create a lot of volume and now these

two bits Kier I decided that I wanted to

pin them back into the ponytail I want

to thin a bits to frame my face then

once I pinned everything back I kind of

keep adjusting it I don’t like it to

look like I’ve got half-up half-down I

like it to kind of look like I’ve just

got kind of more layered hair if that

makes sense and that is it that was a

lot of hairstyles which one was your

favorite like I can’t pick a favorite

cuz like I said I love them all if you

do have a favorite though let me know

down below which one it is yeah I really

hope you guys loved this video I tried

to make as useful and helpful and like

visual as I possibly could and really

not the best with hair I just kind of

like no want to know and I like to stick

to it but yeah I hope you learned

something if you enjoyed the video and

want me to do more hairstyles video cuz

I don’t do them a lot then give this

video a thumbs up and if you want to see

more from me and don’t forget to

subscribe before you go thank you guys

so so much for taking the time to watch

this video I loved every single one of

you so so much

and I will see you all in the next video

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