My Everyday Hair: Heatless Wavy Hair

Published on August 31, 2019

hey guys so I’m gonna go ahead and show

you an everyday Heat free wavy hair

tutorial using the twist braid and I’ve

used this method pretty much every day

for I’d say about five or six years

since middle school really and my

favorite way because still fast and easy

and also damage free so I’ve been using

this to grow out my hair and I also do

this my first video ever on my channel

so I wanted to go ahead and do an

updated version so let’s get started

first you’re gonna want to start with

slightly damp hair and you can do this

by either taking a shower and then

having an air dry or blow-dry almost

completely dry or you can have dry hair

and add just a little bit of water but

you want to be almost completely dry so

that way it stays in the morning but

it’s not too damp or too wet that it

won’t stay because it’ll just be limp

and flat so what you’re gonna do next is

just split your hair into two sections

and starting with a top layer of your

hair you’re gonna split it into two

sections and then twist it over so

you’re just going to twist it applied to

all the twists spring but after you put

this over over the other you’re gonna

add more hair to one hand and then twist

it over and then add more hair to that

hand again and then twist your hair over

and then add more hair to that hands and

then twist it over and you’re basically

gonna keep repeating this over and over

throughout the hair until you reach the

base of your neck

and when you grab these layers of hair

make sure that you reach the hair

completely in the back even all on this

side of your hair to make sure that all

your hair is in a twist braid you don’t

have any hair sections just sticking out

you also want to make sure that when you

braid your hair you want as tight as

possible so that way when you sleep on

it all the hair stays intact and it

doesn’t go loose so once you’ve reached

this part of your hair where you can’t

really reach for any more layers you can

continue on with the twist braid but I

like to do is I actually just do a bun

and you also want to make sure that the

bun is as tight as possible because this

is the part that usually ends up getting

undone if it’s not tight enough when you


and once I’m done I just secure it with

a hair tie so here I’m just doing the

other side of my hair and just doing the

same exact thing really just twisting

over and then twisting over again at the

base will it secure and then grab

another layer twisting it over and

repeating this process through my hair


once you’re done it just looks like this

you can actually wear this out if you’re

like trying to do your hair during the

day cuz you have to go to later which is

kind of weird but I actually bought this

look to the airport so that way when I

landed I could just take it all out but

yeah basically just looks like this and

honestly it just takes me like three

minutes before I go to sleep and when I

wake up I don’t have to do my hair at

all what to save so much time in the

morning because I love sleeping in as

much as possible so it’s perfect for

lazy people like me this is just the

next morning after I wake up and I’m

just taking the twist braids out so it

just looks like this and I gently take

them out you don’t want to tuck them too

hard then you’re just going to use your

fingers to gently separate the curls

and you don’t want to use a hairbrush to

brush through your hair because it’s

gonna make your hair extremely frizzy

and then I like to add some hairspray

and flip my hair back and forth just to

add some more volume

so yeah that’s basically it and most of

my Instagram pictures and the pictures I

post are my hair like this because I do

this hair pretty much every single day

because it’s so easy but yeah I hope

that was helpful to you guys and it made

sense to give any other ideas for future

videos be sure to comment below and

thank you for watching

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My Everyday Hair - Heatless Wavy Hair
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