Published on September 4, 2019

Thanks so much to Lee Stafford for collaborating with me for part of this video, I have used Lee Stafford products for years so I feel so grateful to be working them! I would never ever work with a brand unless I genuinely love them. I’m so grateful to you guys for always supporting me and allowing me to create videos. I love you so much xxx

hello honeys welcome back to my youtube

channel if you’re just joining me now

than hi my name’s Imogen and I am so

excited because we are doing another

wedding video today is a really exciting

one because I can’t wait to take you on

this journey and I’m wearing white I’m

really ready I’ve got a red lip on which

I’m not gonna wear for the wedding but

today I am going to be doing my wedding

hairstyles so we are going to go through

four different hairstyles and hopefully

fingers crossed by the end of this video

you will help me decide and I will

decide which hairstyle I’m wearing for

my wedding so it’s kind of like a trial

because I’m going up to London right now

and I’m gonna go to a studio and I’m

gonna have a beautiful stylist help me

with my hair but the only downside is on

the actual wedding day I’m doing my own

hair so today they’re going to be

teaching me how to do my wedding hair so

you get to see the whole situation you

get to see the whole finished product I

mean my hair right now what is it saying

not much at all so let’s get on the

train to London let’s go do my hair

wedding hairstyles make sure you hit the

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videos like this because I’ve got so

much wedding content coming your way I’m

getting married so soon like so

ridiculously soon I can’t wait to show

you it all okay let’s go I’m in London

I’m so so so excited I have to show you

around this place this is absolutely

unbelievable but I am here with the

least upper team I’m here with Evelina

and she is going to be doing the 14th

house sales today yes I would have you

been a hair stylist for a long time I’ve

been working in London for six years Wow

okay amazing so Evelyn was gonna help me

today do the four different hairstyles

we’ve looked at we’ve said like a mood

board and stuff like that and then

hopefully because I’ll be able to film

it when I get married in Italy I’ll be

able to do it myself

I’m obviously never gonna be able to the

way I believe it does it but fingers

crossed so we’ll talk you through all

the stuff we’re using but I’m so so so

grateful that Lea staff that team have

come here the age of the hiding they’re

like but they’re amazing as well and

yeah let’s get in with the shoot let’s

just love our life look at this place

this is an actual place to live

sorry like actually it’s three bedrooms

it’s unbelievable I know we’re going off

slightly off topic but this is in the

middle of London and look can’t even

believe we’re doing this here

feel so grateful or that they actually

want to help me do my wedding here

because I’m not very good at hair I can

kind of do my makeup not great but I’m

not a makeup artist I’m definitely not a

hair stylist so I’m so lucky that

they’re going to be able to show me like

what stuff to use and also I need your

help to let me know down the comment

section below which one you like the

best so one two three four so I really

need your help just like I need your

help my wedding dress you need to help

me tell me which one you like the best

so because obviously I’m not washing my

hair we’re just gonna wet my hair down

now because the first look is going to

be a big bouncy blow-dry I haven’t

feeling that I might want to have my

hair off the face on the side or

something like that but I love a big

fancy blow-dry so we’re going to do that

first show them what product we’re going

to use and let’s get our hair wet and

love our life with it in focus tap me

yes I’m in favor someone’s mooring then

so the lovely Evelyn I was just we’ve

washed my hair we’ve now blow-dried it

into place so she’s pin curled it for me

because basically if I was to do this on

the day I would definitely want to have

pin kursk’s it would really hold it but

she’s totally some really top tips which

I hope will help my Angels and also

she’s going to show me how to tame it

out and sort of tease it through and

stuff like that ever you have to help me

so we put the mousse in first didn’t we

yeah I put the mousse in first on wet

hair and then he protection and heat

protection which we have also these

products smell unbelievable at least

staff had sent me some products and I

was like oh my god they’re good and

really nice smelling sorry yeah also she

Tommy top tip if you are just gonna sort

of tongue it and do it not a blow dry

and Tong it to get it into the pin curls

she said that you put a light hairspray

on first because otherwise it gets too

sticky so each section you’re doing or

using your wand and then rolling it up

and loving your life

you use a light hairspray which I’ve

never done before so I use this one

which is really really light because

basically I always do it with a really

thick and heavy one and then it gets

really sort of hard and rock solid so

point when you bring it out it looks

greasy yeah so then you use when you

take it all out you’d then use the

heavier yes right okay there you go ever

Lina’s top tips images just relaying to

you so this is number one I’ll show you

what obviously when we finished it but

also Evelyn has really helped me teach

me how to pin curls properly because I’m

so bad but basically you put them

through their back on you so there’s

nothing at the front I mean everyone

else probably knows how to do pin curls

but I don’t and I’m gonna get these

little pins because these are good ones

because sometimes I’ve done it in the

past I’ve got like really bad little

sort of edges and they come out and then

you’ve got

we had Pinner there so luckily I now

know how to pin curl so I look like hey

what do I look like sewing from the 60s

to us yeah oh oh I wish I’ll have

Victoria come on away together but I’m

gonna take it out of it and I’ll show

you it

we’re gonna take it out now together so

how long would you say to leave it just

until it cools just till it cools down

yeah would says to do your hair yeah

that is set yeah and do your makeup take

out just yeah that’s what I would do

yeah I like to do hair fast because then

you’ve got it set in place and I feel

like then your makeup looks so much

better when you’ve done I agree yeah I’m

so nervous to do it myself though

because you feel like it’s really

apprehensive because obviously I’m not

my hair stylist but I feel like I’ll

give myself a lot of time yeah so I

don’t get married until the afternoon so

I’m gonna wake up relax do my face masks

chill out yeah and then start slowly

getting ready yes I think when you’ve

got a lot of time to get ready then it

goes best if you rush and you’re

worrying you know so I’m wearing like

today everybody’s wearing the white as

well for the wedding I’m look your skirt

matches my lip there you go so this is

it before everything is just going to

show you that before you brush it out so

looks lovely

oh it’s really soft it’s typed as well

which is good but we’re gonna make it

look even softer by brushing it out and

stock and everything it’s gonna show you

how to do that I’ve got my Starbucks

very happy thank you we’re just

finishing this look which looks

wonderful I love the body on the top and

if I always have a little clip at the

side here I think it would look so


honestly I love this or even yeah behind

the ear that’s nice very classy and

elegant also the sash have really helped

me so much just give me some tips and

tricks because um Emily knew when she

was showing me how to back home you were

saying to use this brush weren’t you so

back home with the comb and obviously

only work at the top not take the curl

out but then also take this cut brush

this sort of a bristly brush and that’s

gonna help them smooth it down it really

has honestly it’s helped me so so so

much I love this look what do we think

so this is number one

the bouncy below lovely soft curls I’ll

show you the back as actually we don’t

show the back as it’s here isn’t it it’s

all here

Oh baby girls so this is number one I

love this one so much I feel like it

looks so elegant and nice and also

everything is said don’t be scared to

have the curls really tight because

obviously going to be kissing hugging

everyone you’re going to be going around

taking photos and stuff so the tighter

sometimes about it we

drop yeah but yes okay nothing slightly

scary now because I think oh my god I’m

going to actually have to do this hair

on my own but anyway Evelyn is really

helping me and taking me through the

steps so I feel like I’m gonna be good

to go I’m gonna be fine to the next one

we’re gonna do is a soft kind of bridal

braid so it’s just gonna be really soft

natural and easy for me to do isn’t it

so this is number two angels we’ve got a

really soft nice braid here which I

actually didn’t think I’d actually super

I think it looks so nice very classy

boho chic hue I mean the thing is I

think I’m gonna use all these wedding

hair cells before I get married anyway

because I feel like I’m a bride anyway

I’m a bride to me so I should be wearing

her like this but basically what you did

was every now I’m going to tell her what

you did you’ve got to sort of big braids

in years every big right I say three big

braids and then braid them in together

basically and then that you teased out

to make it look kind of effortless and

it does actually look like that it looks

amazing and because obviously we’ve got

the curve from before it looks even

cuter and she still just pulled it apart

the fraud and then sprayed it when we

finished with the big hair spray another

the good full hold one I just feel of it

looks pretty nice very sort of

Shakespearian oh my god it looks lovely

I feel like tangled up on so obviously

she has so much hair at the beginning

anyone that likes Rapunzel will know she

had that big parade when she goes that I

haven’t if some talking I love Disney

honestly I feel like a princess then get

my hair played but I love it so much

look at it it’s absolutely beautiful I

love this one

so this lady’s number two so definitely

let me know down the comment section

which one again you prefer the thing is

the reason I keep asking you all is

because you’ve helped me so much in this

journey I feel like I’m really taking on

this journey that I feel like I want to

know your honest opinions of which hair

you feel like would look best for my

wedding day because then hopefully when

you watch the wedding video then you’ll

be like I told baby girls get that hair

so unless it just looks terrible because

I didn’t do I did it and Evelina didn’t

okay so this is unbelievable am i ariana

grande I think I am Thank You Evelina so

basically we’ve done a half up half down

style she’s really teased out at the

bottoms here then what she did she took

some dry shampoo to give me some body up

here because sometimes it can look

flattened sort of not great there so I’m

glad we’ve given me some texture up here

and loved that and then also what you do

you trip texture spray on your fingers

yeah and this all went around the front


lovely just make it look a bit more soft

and subtle and cute

I feel very young in this hairstyle like

when I was younger the half-up half-down

was always the thing I think Ari’s

bought it back just called two areas if

she’s my mate

Ariana but anyway she’s not my maybe I

love this hairstyle so let me know it’s

not number three because at the moment

this is really probably this is really

doing it for me like I love this style

it’s really softer the ends it’s just

very pretty and just quite yeah Brit see

that’s why I want to feel like on my

wedding day I want to feel pretty and

useful I don’t look like you know too

much makeup I don’t look too heavy or

anything like that so this is doing it

for me let’s go to the fourth one so

this is the fourth and final that this

is so Bridal this is absolutely


having off my face actually is really

really nice I didn’t think it would be

that nice because I always envisioned

envisaged having my hair down but

actually a nice updo and you actually

made this look so simple at honestly so

what I think did was she just sectioned

the top part and made it hard my path

down then what she did is she sort of

pulled everything

I’m sorry about the noise oh really and

then why do people kind of cold

everything it and we did this really

cool thing where I’m going to show you

my how much within this thing everything

unhappiness big purpose or to the park

and then pushed it in or black rather

pushed in so that fits that we drop our

they’ve taken the milk and they want to

get involved and they are I know like I

think it’s better oh my god they love it

anyway so whatever Lena did what she

kind of picked it up and sort pulled it

in and then anything that kind of fell

down it’s kind of natural and gorgeous

so and then for the front part they were

using sort of a flexible hold hairspray

to go through it and work with it then

we took the shine spray at the end and

the anti humidity which I really will

need do you think I’ll need this for one

am in Italy definitely 100% yeah I’ll

need an auntie Mincey so baby girls I’ll

leave that one anonymous I got it but I

haven’t used the young humidity yet but

I think I really need something to lock

that styling so when I’m working with

hair all use flexible hold then I’ll go

to the big home when I’m finished

yeah yeah and then Anton

sheesh I give myself a nothing that will

glow on my hair thank you lovely yeah

sorry about the noise angels I don’t

know whether I’m in focus but she’s

gonna come here is she in focus don’t

make she loves me oh my god I didn’t

even realize I had it on manual focus

the whole time that’s what was it

focusing in but we’re still focused and

it’s fine but this is the fourth and

final look please let me know down in

the comment section below which one you

love I’ve had the best day thank you so

much Evelina you’ve been amazing oh

she’s so lovely we’ve just been having a

good old chinwag with the girls I’ve

just been telling them my whole life

story how I met Spencer you’re yet to

know all of that so you need to know I’m

really sorry about the noise if I hadn’t

had Emily in his help I wouldn’t

actually know what I was doing on my

wedding day like genuinely I just

wouldn’t have known and I wasn’t even

thinking about not having a wedding hair

trial am i okay

just like I was thinking about not

having a videographer am i okay yeah I

know if just ignore me the next time you

see me I’ll have done my wedding hair

the next time you’ll see me with wedding

hair will be on the wedding day it’s so

soon it’s so soon it’s making my stomach

actually turn and so exciting so nervous

so I just left the girls and I just feel

so overwhelmed like I feel like I want

to cry I’m literally walking through

London with like the best princess hair

ever but I just got me so excited for my

wedding like trying those hairstyles out

and like feeling like a bride it made me

feel so like oh my god it’s so real now

if you know what I mean I just feel so

overwhelmed I genuinely just want to get

on the train now and just cry because

not only do I feel so lucky that lisa

has got a stylist to help me out and

show me stuff because honestly I’m so

unorganized I wouldn’t have even got

hairstylist and I wouldn’t have even

gone to a winning trial like people need

to go to a wedding hair trial unless

you’re a hairstylist because you just

need to know kind of what looks that

look nice on your face because you know

it’s all wedding good knowing you can do

hair but I just feel so like honestly I

feel like crying because I’m actually

gonna marry my best friend so close so

soon like so soon

I just can’t believe it I just hope he

thinks I look beautiful on my wedding

day and I hope I do my makeup nice and I

hope we do my hair nice the next video

that I’ve got coming for you is I’m

gonna be doing my wedding makeup so I’m

nervous about that one but I hope I do

my wedding makeup good I’m gonna do a

wedding makeup trial because obviously

I’m doing my own wedding hair and makeup

so I will definitely do my wedding

makeup so you can see that one I’m so

excited so many people look at you so

funny when you blog in London I don’t

really care

oh really care I’m getting married my

hair looks good I’m gonna go this way

boy wants to say is make sure you let me

know down in the comment section because

you are my best friends and I just feel

like I really want your opinion because

I’m so picky I’m so bad like honestly

it’s taken me like five times to try and

choose my wedding dress you know I mean

like I’m awful but yeah let me know down

in the comment section below because I

just I’m so grateful that you all coming

on this journey with me and you get to

come to my wedding hair trials with me

and I get to show you my wedding makeup

and I’m gonna show you my wedding day so

I’ll probably a vlog a bit on the

wedding day like showing you like what

I’m doing with my hair and stuff and my

makeup and just how I’m feeling because

I really want to take on this journey

and I also really want to look back when

I’ve got married and when I’m all like

you know loved in life then I can look

back on youtube be like that was how I

was feeling and it’s just like her it’s

just a lovely always lovely

dockings here anyway I’m gonna love you

and I’m gonna leave you thanks so much

for watching guys I love you all so much

I’m getting married

what is going on

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