PROTECTIVE SLEEP HAIRSTYLES! Haircare tips for healthy & beautiful hair!

Published on September 14, 2019

OPEN ME! 😀 Hi guys! In this video I’m going to show you my favourite sleep hairstyles I use to protect my hair overnight! I also share some other hair tips to promote long, healthy, beautiful hair! I hope you enjoy! Remember to like, subscribe and share this video! And press the bell to be notified when I upload a new video 😀

hey guys today I’m going to show you a

few different hairstyles and hair tips I

personally use to protect my hair while

I sleep wearing protective hairstyles to

bed is really important to prevent

breakage and split ends especially if

you have long hair or you’re trying to

grow your hair out long I would

personally never just wear my hair down

to bed because I would wake up with so

many mattes and tangles and it just

wouldn’t be a good hair day when you

toss and turn at night the friction can

really damage the hair plus wearing

protective hairstyles to bed is awesome

because you’ll wake up with nice hair so

you hopefully won’t need to style it a

lot and use a lot of heat tools which

will benefit the overall health of your

hair and save you some time so I always

start by brushing my hair out before bed

I usually use a detangler brush first

and then my wooden brush to distribute

the oils and really massage the scalp

you want your hair to be detangled

before you go to bed so you don’t have

to wake up and brush out a bunch of

knots Plus brushing your scalp will help

stimulate blood circulation which will

promote healthy hair growth so it’s a

really good practice to add into your

nightly routine so the first hairstyle I

would recommend wearing to bed is of

course a braid I love braids if you

can’t already tell I like to wear just a

regular loose braid tied off with a soft

tie like a scrunchie and I recently

started using these coils and I really

love them because they don’t leave any

kinks in the hair if you sleep on your

back I recommend putting your hair in a

side braid so it doesn’t rub and if you

sleep on your side I recommend wearing a

braid to the back or to the opposite

side so it doesn’t rub and I also like

to put a dab of a nourishing oil in the

ends and just let that soak in while I

sleep so braids are a wonderful

hairstyle to wear while you sleep

however they will more than likely leave

a wave or a crimp in your hair so if

you’re wanting to prevent your hair from

having waves I have more options for you

a hairstyle that’s kind of similar to

the braid is the twisted rope braid and

this is really great for sleeping and I

find it doesn’t leave my hair too wavy

all you do is divide your hair into two

sections and

those sections in the same direction and

then twist them around each other in the

opposite direction

I hope I’m explaining that all right

it’s a really easy hairstyle to do now

moving on one of my favorite ways to

wear my hair to bed is just a twisted

bun held with a claw clip this is one of

the best and easiest hairstyles for

sleeping because it’ll really protect

your hair and you’ll wake up with lots

and lots of volume and I love volume and

I would never recommend wearing a

ponytail to bed because that could cause

a lot of breakage at the base of the

head and lately I’ve been sleeping with

my hair in a completely new way and what

I do is just sleep with my hair over the

back of the bed the only problem with

this method is you can’t do it if you

have a headboard which I know probably

most people have but for me there’s

nothing behind my bed so this works

perfectly maybe if you have a headboard

you could still do this by placing your

hair above your head but I’ve been doing

this when I want to keep my hair

straight overnight there’s no tangles

when I wake up it’s really awesome and

another great option to protect your

hair while you sleep is wearing a satin

or silk nightcap or head wrap to bed

this is really great if you have a style

you want to preserve and I would sleep

on a satin or silk pillowcase if you can

something with a silky material that

your hair will just kind of glide across

and if you’re wondering how I wear my

bangs when I sleep I just take a bobby

pin and clip them to the side I don’t

really like having hair on my face when

I sleep because I’m worried it’ll break

me out but that’s not a problem because

I wash my bangs in the sink every

morning and then some other healthy hair

sleep tips would be massage your scalp

at night this helps keep your hair and

scalp healthy but it also calms the mind

before you go to bed because it’s really

relaxing and I like to all my hair once

or twice a week overnight I just apply

the oil to my scalp and hair and then I

just flip it over and put it in the

loose braids and then I sleep on a

cotton pillowcase that I don’t mind

getting oil on and another thing I like

to do is I spend at least five or ten

minutes each night just clipping this


that I can find this is really fun for


I love clipping my split ends and it

just keeps your ends looking healthy and

finally don’t sleep with wet hair

because it’s more fragile when it’s wet

so those are some hairstyles and tips I

would recommend to keep your hair

healthy and beautiful while you sleep

feel free to follow me on Instagram

where I share lots of hair photos and

let me know how you like to wear your

hair when you sleep I love you guys so

much and I will see you in my next video



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PROTECTIVE SLEEP HAIRSTYLES! Haircare tips for healthy & beautiful hair!
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