Published on September 4, 2019

Today I’m sharing with you my most worn, quick and easy hairstyles. I hope you enjoy!

hey everyone welcome to today’s video so

today I’m gonna be showing you my

favorite hair stars to get my long hair

out of my face and just up out of the

way that I like to wear on an everyday

basis I wasn’t gonna be showing my top

tips on how I keep my hair super healthy

considering it is pretty long and how I

keep my hairdresser trips to a minimum

so if you want to find out the products

that I use how I maintain my long hair

and what hair styles I’ve been loving

wearing then please do keep watching

before you into the hairstyles I am

gonna give you a quick look at the

products just so you know kind of what

they look like in everything I will go

into more detail while still kind of

doing all the bits and bobs but I just

want you to know kind of what they look

like because I feel like that’s pretty

important so I know a ton of you would

have already seen this if you follow me

on social but basically I am face of the

new L’Oreal treatments range and my face

is on Piccadilly

it wasn’t mad it’s crazy but this is

what I’ve been using for months so a ton

of you noticed a really big difference

in my hair from about like October last

year and so many people asked and I just

couldn’t tell you because it wasn’t out

yet but it’s here it’s out and basically

dream lense is for hair like mine or

hair like yours it’s for long hair I

really just don’t like going to the

hairdresser finally I found a

hairdresser I absolutely love but still

I just it’s like really emotionally

draining for me because my hair is that

where everything so if I can do anything

to prevent the ends preventing to get my

hair cut then I’m going to and so many

of you have noticed how much like

healthier my hair looks how much shinier

but it’s not like greasy at all even my

hairdresser I went in the other day and

he was like it has in such a condition

like how I was like slurry out Dreamland

see it was like is it though and I was

like yeah no joke it’s incredible

so the products I use are obviously the

shampoo and conditioner and then there’s

the no haircut cream which is right

there but there’s a mask as well now

you’re supposed to use this kind of

after you wash your hair but I’m really

weird and I put this on before I wash my

hair on dry hair and then I leave it on

for as long as I possibly can I really

like to sleep in it and then I wash out

with the shampoo and conditioner and

then finish off with the no haircut

cream that’s my kind of routine if you

want to see my whole kind of shampoo

conditioner mask everything routine then

check out my Instagram we’ve done a

video on that I will link it in the

description box of this video but that’s

how I do

obviously you can’t follow you

instructions don’t properly but at the

minute in boots there is a day long so

you can get three four nine pounds so

the shampoo conditioner and the mask if

you do want to try it out I would 100%

recommend you you know I want to tell

you something that you know I don’t

think works and I’ve been using this

it’s like October I think my hair looks

so much healthier I have barely had my

hair cut in this time and yeah I just

love how my hair feels right now so

that’s like a brief overview of the

products I use so let’s get on to my

favorite hairstyles because my hair is

everywhere it’s all in my face and I

really cannot deal with it and this

stresses me out and this is the problem

I have every day because it’s so long it

just needs to be out of my face so I’m

gonna start with one of the hairstyles

that I’ve been wearing more recently I

haven’t been doing this one for too long

but I kind of did it one day and I was

like oh my gosh I love this and I’ve

been wearing it like every day if I part

of my hair down the middle which really

isn’t very normal for me I’m always a

side parting kind of girl but feel like

changing it up is fun and so it never

really works when I have my hair down

because my hair so used to being in a

parting at the side so I have to put it

up and I just kind of scrape it back so

it’s as sleek as possible and pop the

hair bubble in and then I’ll like mess

it up a bit add a bit of volume kind of

puff it up and then I like to plat it

now I know this is kind of like a very

average hairstyle but by adding like the

volume in and things like that I feel

like that’s how this looks really kind

of fun and doesn’t just look right

you’re going to school so yeah that’s

what I do I plant it all the way down

and then I just tie it up with like a

clear elastic and again I like to kind

of mess it up a bit add a bit of volume

and just make it look a bit more fun I

feel like this is what takes it from

just being like a normal plant I just

like pull bits out and like puff it up a

little bit I know it can look like a bit

messy but I feel like that is what I’m

kind of going for just very fun right

easy I pull some bits out on the front

and I’ve been absolutely loving this

because it’s off my face and it just

works next up we’ve got my sleek pony

that I love to do now I kind of add a

bit of detail to this I’ll wear this if

I’m going to like meeting things like

that where I have to look a bit more

kind of formal but not too much so I

have my hair in my usual side parting

and I think this is where a lot of you

have noticed that my hair looks a lot

healthier and a lot less damaged because

when it’s scraped back but you can’t

hide anything and I’m just going to

apply some more Loreal Elnett hairspray

to make sure everything’s really kind of


this is a really good trick and then I’m

just tying it up with a bobble so like I

said yeah I do this one pretty often I

just keep it really really sleep I pull

everything back and then I will grab a

section of hair and plus it and then tie

this around the bobble just to hide

everything I feel like this really ties

it all together and like look how shiny

and healthy my hair looks like I can’t

get over it I always secure this with

way too many hair grips just because I’m

not having this falling out or sticking

up or anything like that and then I like

to brush it through just so it’s super

sleek and super soft and this is the

finished ponytail

I feel like this looks a lot more formal

than just having a high kind of messy

ponytail and I love it this is

potentially one of my favorite hair

looks number three so this is what I

want to do when I probably haven’t

washed my hair for a few days or if I

know I’m going somewhere where I want my

hairstyle to last kind of longer so I’ll

just start by tying the bottom part of

my hair up and then I’ll part my hair

down the middle and we’re gonna do some

Dutch braids now generally when I do

this I’ll have done a full head of Dutch

braids I’m just using some dry shampoo

here to kind of add some volume so yeah

when I’m kind of doing this day to day

I’ll generally have done a full head of

kind of two Dutch braids and that’s why

we then go into this look but to kind of

show you I’m just gonna be doing half a

head of Dutch braids kind of to either

side so Dutch braids are just kind of

like French perhaps but like backwards

so they stand up if that makes sense

there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube

if you can’t kind of see what I’m doing

but I’m just gonna kind of show you the

general look of how I do I’m so used to

doing this now but I can pretty much

smash this hairstyle out in about kind

of seven minutes which I think that’s

doable on like a daily basis and this

will stay out of your face absolutely

all day and I’m one of them people that

I feel like an egg when I have my hair

up so this is a really nice kind of

balance of having it half up half down

but not just kind of the general ariana

grande style I just do the two Dutch

braids I’ll tie them up with some clear

elastic bands you can just use like

normal hair bubbles whatever works for

you and this is the look it also looks

fab with curly hair but yeah the final

hair look this is a one that I will do

as well when I have this in for a few

days I would just grab the Dutch braids

and I will pop them up in a ponytail and

I’ll just do a pony or wrap somehow

just to tie it all up you know what I

think this might be my favorite one like

I love this I think this looks so good

it’s so easy for keeping your hair out

your face but you still look done so

those were my top four hairstyles to get

my hair my face and just tied back but

still feel really nice like I I hate

just shoving my hair up in a bun I just

feel really kind of not polished which

like I have long hair so I kind of want

to show it off like this this is

probably my favorite out of all the ones

that I did this is so easy as well

because like I said you can just have

like Dutch braids and then as I get

Messier you just take the bottom bit out

and then this is so easy anyway

if you did enjoy this and you kind of

like the look of how my hair is looking

condition wise and do make sure you take

a look at the dream lense range I will

link the bundle down below on boots it’s

a really really good deal so if you

didn’t want to try it out now will be

like a great time to get a deal on it

but yeah I really hope you enjoyed this

and I will see you very soon

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