Sleep-in Ponytail Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

Published on September 1, 2019

This tutorial has been sponsored by IGK Hair. Today I’m going to show you how to achieve this pretty ‘Sleep-in Ponytail Beachy Wave’ hair tutorial and how to maintain the style for up to 3 days using some of my favourite products! This can be a completely heatless hairstyle, simply forgo the hairdryer and allow your hair to dry naturally until it’s 10% damp. * For thicker hair – you can create two braids at the top of your head instead of one. This will help to create more waves.

hey guys so I recently uploaded this

photo to my Instagram account and loads

of you requested a hair tutorial on how

to achieve this kind of beachy wave and

I’m gonna talk you through the products

that I’ve used I’ve washed my hair using

the Kerastase blonde

absolu which has been designed to

eradicate that brassy tone to any

blondes in your hair and if you’ve

watched my haircare videos you’ll know

that I always shampoo my hair twice and

then condition it the next product I

always go in with is my red can extreme

anti snap as you can see I’ve got very

long hair so looking after it for me is

super important and because I do have

bleach in my hair I want to look after

it the best I can this is a great

product for damaged and distressed here

this also has heat protection in it

because I usually blow dry my hair

rather than waiting for it to air dry so

this is a great product to put in before

I use my hair dryer the next set of

products I’m going to use have been

sponsored by our GK it was actually

after using this particular product

which is my hero product from my GK that

I contacted them about a collaboration

this is called thirsty girl and it’s a

coconut milk leave-in conditioner since

I’ve been trying this I’ve absolutely

loved how my hair smells how it feels

it’s been absolutely brilliant and this

has a hyaluronic acid technology to lock

in moisture and reduce frizz and as you

can see it could be quite liberal with

this product it really helps to keep

that frizz under control and what I love

most about igk in general is that they

are cruelty free they’re vegan friendly

there’s no sulfates no parabens and

their products are gluten free so I’m

getting with my faithful tangle teezer

brush this one is a Denman brush and

it’s my favorite for getting free

tangles and as you can see having used

my thirsty girl leaving conditioner my

hair is an absolute dream to come

through you want to make sure that your

hair is about 90% dry so just a little

bit damp like ever-so-slightly if it’s

too damp it’s gonna be dumped in the

morning my hair isn’t naturally quite

wavy but my hairline tends to dry a

little bit frizzy so my tip is to use a

hairdryer and smooth the cuticles out

with a metal round brush this way I know

that the front of my hair when I take my

player in the morning is gonna be super

smooth and I’m not gonna have any

flyaways this can be a completely

heatless look you don’t have to use a

hairdryer you can leave your hair to dry

naturally but make sure you catch it at

about 90% dry so I’m just smoothing my

fringe out once that’s called in the

brush I take that out

and then this is the only section it’s

going to be left at the Platte the two

side sections that I’ve smoothed out

will be pulled into the braid so I just

leave the rest of my hair to dry until

it’s about 90% which is about now as you

can see the majority of it looks dry but

to feel it does feel slightly cool where

it is still a little bit damp so if like

me you’re leaving your fringe art you

can just pin that to the side or tuck it

behind your ear

and then you want to flip your hair over

and pull it into a ponytail that

basically sits on the very top of your

head you’re then gonna separate this

into free individual sections and create

a regular three strand braid you don’t

want to pull it super tight at the room

we do want a little bit of a baggy root

because this was gonna create volume if

you tie it too tight your hair’s gonna

be flat on top when you take your braids

out so then you just want to continue

that all the way down to the end and you

want to leave about an inch and a half

out at the bottom otherwise it’s gonna

be super crinkly and probably a little

bit fuzzy so as I say leave a little bit

out and then tie that off with an

elastic so this is what you should look

like your plat should start at the top

of your head your roots should be

slightly baggy the back of your hair

will back a little bit but don’t worry

you’re not going out anywhere you’re now

going to begin to sleep okay so it’s now

the morning I have slept on my hair as

you can see it’s looking a tiny bit

disheveled but still relatively neat

considering so I’m gonna remove the

elastic band and I’m going to gently

unravel the braid you want to do this

carefully because you don’t want to make

your hair frizzy you just want to part

it gently and once it’s completely

unraveled we’re just gonna put our

fingers into the root and give it a

gentle shake and you should have

something that looks similar to this now

if your hair isn’t actually quite thin

or you want to add a little bit more

texture to your heads make sure that

these beautiful beachy waves don’t fall

flat I’m gonna use the igk beach club

volumizing texture spray this is

literally holiday in a bottle it smells

incredible all of their products do but

what’s great about this is it’s a bit

like a salt spray but it doesn’t have

any salt in it and it just adds texture

to your hair it’s very weightless it

locks in moisture and it helps to add

volume and it just keeps your kind of

beachy wave seperated which makes them

look really beautiful and almost

windswept but without that frizziness I

just love it I’m now going to show you

some tips on maintaining this look for

the next two days so by day two your

hair comes

look a little bit frizzy so when I’m

wearing my hair like this I’ve been

reaching for the rgk mistress antifreeze

leave-in conditioner and I’ve been

combining it with the igk mixed feelings

which are leaving toning drops for those

of you with blonde hair so you simply

add two to four drops to the balm mix it

to give it two you’ve got a really

subtle violet shade and then you just

work that through the lemp’s of your

hair the ball has a mix of coconut shea

butter and argan oil as you can imagine

it smells incredible but it also makes

your hair feel so soft and super shiny

it allows your hair to bounce back into

that really beautiful beachy wave and

it’s completely smoothed out all those

flyaways so by day free your hair is

gonna be feeling pretty flat we’ve been

sleeping on it so it’s inevitable and

your hair starts to lift a little bit on

the greasy side so I’m gonna blast the

roots with this product called first

class also by GK and this is a heavy

duty charcoal detox dry shampoo the

charcoal powder helps to absorb oil and

it’s also infused with white tea powder

to soothe and jump in here this is

definitely one of the most volumizing

dry shampoos I’ve ever used

once you’ve sprayed the root you need to

wait 30 seconds and then get your

fingers in there and give you here a bit

el-sheikh I’d previously been used in

the other products of my own accord but

this was the product that I GK actually

recommended and I said I wanted to

create a tutorial and they said this is

a great one for volume and as you can

see they’re not wrong my hair no longer

looks flat and it lasts all day as I

mentioned it is a heavy duty jumper but

it is for all hair types to tame the mid

limps and the ends I’m going back in

with a small amount of the mistress bun

and you can see that I’ve used this two

days on the trot and it’s not made my

hair look greasy at all there’s no

visible product build-up I thought I’d

show you a super quick update if you’re

fed up with wearing your hair down by

day three a voluminous ponytail works a

treat so I’ve whipped my hair up into a

ponytail and now I’m using a bungee cord

to tie my hair off sometimes if you use

a toggle you lose volume at the root–so

this is a great way to get your hair up

without losing the volume then I take a

strand of my own hair from the back of

my ponytail and I wrap that around the

bungee just to disguise it then going

back in with my beach club volumizing

texture spray I’m separating the

ponytail and just blasting that through

to create some volume and texture to

create a really big beachy ponytail and

that completes my hair tutorial I hope

you’ve enjoyed it a huge thank you to


kay for sponsoring this tutorial I will

list all the products below as to where

you can buy them and if you’ve got any

questions leave them in the comment

section below thank you for watching and

I see Kim soon bye

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Sleep-in Ponytail Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial - Shonagh Scott
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