Published on September 16, 2019

SUPER CUTE Hairstyles For SHORT HAIR Today, I’m featuring another three super cute hairstyles that are perfect for short/medium and or long hair. Plus, I added a bit of edge to the first one with rings that are inside the braids. How cute? Which hairstyle was your favorite?

who’s ready for some more short

hairstyles let’s begin first hairstyle

is going to be two french braids or

maybe Dutch braids should we do Dutch


let’s do Dutch braids they’re gonna be

little tiny braids just kind of go like

that and they’re gonna meet in the back

halfway so not all the hair just a

little bit and I am gonna add a little

bit of this bodybuilder by living proof

because I want a little bit more texture

in the hair it’s a little too silky

right now just couldn’t work that

product in I’m just section enough where

I want the braids I just want to make

sure there’s somewhat even I’m just

going to take the rest of this hair back

then I’m not going to be using in the

braids and then this is where you can

use any kind of braids you like I’m just

going to use a Dutch braid which is

three sections when you take the outer

sections under the middle section

so wonder we’re going to adhere to that

middle section that’s just how I like to

do the Dutch braid so under



I’m going to leave roughly like three

inches three to four inches unbraided

and secure it with a clear elastic

I’m going to take the clear elastic off

of that first one and tie these both

together into one section and now the

fun part I’m going to take their braids

apart a little bit and then I’m going to

accessorize each braid with these little

tiny rings you can also use ring

earrings also super cheap ones or they

have specific rings that you can open up

like this and then you kind of just

clamp it around the braid or just on a

little section of the braid so I have

gold and silver and I’m kind of going to

mix match the different sizes and the




to hide the clear elastic I just took a

little braid clasp braid clip whatever

you want to call those and just secure

the clear elastic and took a little bit

of hair underneath the ponytail to hold

it all together

I’m gonna take my teasing comb the same

one that I use the rat tail and I’m just

going to tease the bottom section just a

little bit just to kind of give it a

little bit more volume

and that completes a hairstyle I like

this very vile of the little brains in

the braids and I think those two little

braids are so cute and they add a little

something to your very simple hairstyle

so for this one I want to do a nice deep

part or side part whatever just gonna

use the rat tail part the teasing comb


and then I’m gonna take section just one

section I’m gonna start twisting it away

from my face once or twice then add a

little bit more hair into it and twist

it away

I’m gonna take a mini bobby pin and kind

of secure underneath the hair so you

won’t be able to see it and I’m gonna

take really pretty big bobby pins and

I’m going to do look maybe two or three

of them maybe four we’ll see I have

silver ones and I have gold ones

I’m going to take some of the

bodybuilder by living proof I’m going to

spray some a little bit right here in

between the sections I’m going to take a

little teasing comb this one is by

tangle teezer zoom screw tangle tangle

it I’m going to tease it just a little


and that completes the hairstyle it’s

very beautiful it’s very romantic I like

when it’s a deeper part and we have one

side that’s kind of away from your face

it’s opening up the side of the face you

know what I mean and then utilizing

really cool bobby pins so you have on

hand these you can pretty much find

anywhere they’re just very long extra

long nice a little bit wider bobby pins

just makes a nice little statement

alright let’s do the next hairstyle I

don’t brush my hair through we have some

weird kinks in our hair from the

previous book okay I’m just gonna roll

with it

alright so this one’s gonna be kind of

like a very easy little ching-yuen but

it’s not a shinyoung it’s kind of like a

French twist it’s not our French twist

you guys will get the point I’m just

gonna take this hair wanna see I’m just

gonna take it home and see how much of

this I want in there so I’m leaving some

of this front pieces out as you can see

let’s start with these sections let’s

start off with the crowd let’s build a

little bit of height little volume same

thing bodybuilder take my teeth and comb

then just tease that up just a little


once I’m done teasing I’m just gonna

take section from both sides just kind

of get as much hair as I want you can do

smaller thicker and then I’m gonna give

a couple of I think like maybe one or

two twists and use my little clips that

I got from Etsy they’re just one of my

favorites and they add a really pretty

statement and then just secure it I put

a second one in a second clip the same

size I have the longer ones but I put

the three and a half inch I believe just

to kind of add a little bit of extra

something extra hold obviously and

that’s it that completes the look you

can go back in maybe add a couple more

waves to kind of break apart the

hairstyle maybe add in some hairspray or

some more texture spray into your waves

whatever else you’re doing but that

completes the look you guys very simple

a little bit of volume towards your

roots towards your crown and I think

this hairstyle is amazing for weddings

special events you know it’s very simple

but very cute very elegant I like it and

that completes the hairstyles let me

know what other hairstyles you guys want

to see in the future maybe there are

some inspirations breeds buns but for

now you guys think as much for watching

spending time with me and these

hairstyles and I’ll see you another one

very soon

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