Published on August 25, 2019

I’m so excited to share today’s hair tutorial which is 3 easy hairstyles that take under 3 minutes to create. The first hairstyle is an effortless low bun that looks detailed and difficult but is surprisingly simple. Second is an elegant half up half down hairstyle that looks like you’ve spent all morning doing your hair when in reality it only took you a couple of minutes. Lastly is a favorite of mine and I like to call it the undone pony-tail. I love that it appears as if your hair tie is slipping out of your hair which gives off an effortlessly cool vibe.

hey guys happy 2019 I have missed you

guys so much I asked you guys in a poll

what you wanted to see next and you guys

voted for three three minute hairstyles

these are quick

these are easy and to be honest will

probably take you under a minute but

let’s just go ahead and it get started

so first up we have an easier than it

looks effortless bun so just roughly

gather all of the hair that’s above your

ears then give it a couple twists to the

left and this will add extra detail to

the hairstyle

now gather all of your hair into a low

ponytail and on the last loop create a

bun by only pulling your hair about half

way through and then pull and play with

your bun to give it a more it lived in

appearance and then pinch and pull on

small sections of hair around your crown

and on this side this will just help add

some volume and detail now divide your

ends into two equal sections and bring

them up both sides of the bun now tie

them around one another I just crossed

my right section over the left and then

loop to the left one through to make a

knot now you can go ahead and pin your

ends out of the way but if your hair is

longer just cross your ends underneath

your bun and create another knot once

your ends are pinned out of the way play

around with it mess it up and there you

have it I love this bun it’s so

effortless yet chic and I think it pairs

perfectly with a turtleneck next up is a

half a pair style that looks like you

spent all morning doing your hair

together all of the hair that’s above

your temples and then we want to leave

out all of the hair on the right side of

our head so just separate it from the

top section that we gathered and place

it out of the way for now now hold your

top section just below your crown and

give it a little twist clockwise pushing

it up slightly to help create some

volume and then bobby pin both sides

into place now if any of you guys have

issues with your bobby pins these ones

are amazing they hold so well so I will

link them

below once your top section is pinned

into place gather that right section

from earlier and just begin twisting it

away from your face and then cross it

over the back hiding those bobby pins

from earlier and then begin pinching and

pulling on your twist to create more

fullness and add some detail and then

pin your twist to the left of the center

and you should be able to tuck your

bobby pins underneath that top section

to hide them and there you have it you

guys I love this hairstyle it’s so

simple yet beautiful last but not least

let’s call this next hairstyle the

undone ponytail so loosely gather all of

your hair I think having waves in your

hair adds to the look so this is a

perfect second day hairstyle then make

your hand into a claw and begin loosely

pulling up on your hair just to loosen

it now take a small hair elastic and

secure your hair into a low ponytail

looking back I wish I did mine even

lower now you can leave it like this or

you could take a ribbon or a scarf and

just pull it under your hair elastic

until both sides are roughly even and

then wrap them around your ponytail and

tie them into a bow I also think adding

a scrunchie would look really cute but

that’s it I love it it’s so simple and

just effortlessly cool so there we have

it you guys I can’t wait to hear what

you guys thought and I really hope that

you found this video helpful if you did

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that but I’m so happy to be back thank

you guys so much for watching and I’ll

talk to you in the next video bye

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