Published on September 11, 2019

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hi guys welcome back to today I’m going

to show you guys ways you can curl your

hair using a flat iron and if you’re new

hi I’m Tina so let’s get started today I

am wearing my hair extensions because I

wanted more hair to curl with and I’m

going to use my new favorite flat iron

from langsam and love this one because

it is big the Comus bigger this flat

iron is – this this is the standard 1

inch size flat iron and this is the 1

and 1/4 inch flat iron from lengths up

which means I can curl my hair faster I

can take bigger section so if you guys

have long thick very curly hair always

go with the wider place and because it’s

1 and 1/4 inch flat iron is the best

flat iron that I’ve ever used now the

set looks and feels very high-end which

is nothing unusual but the most

surprising thing about this flat iron is

the fact that when you run it across a

section of your hair your hair at first

feel slightly damp and then incredibly

moisturize and silky as it dries so I’ll

email Langston to ask why my hair felt

damp because I have I was really

confused to be honest and apparently

this brand developed a new technology

where they somehow infuse argan oil

inside their middles and I still don’t

get it but that is what they told me it

is argan oil bonded inside being place

that’s making it feel slightly damp

right afterwards I want you to know this

is not just a brand this is actually a

factory that makes high-end flat irons

and curling irons etc for high-end

brands it also has this clip the clip I

didn’t really like this is just really

for the bangs this is not good this is


okay so let’s start with the pin curl

Flatiron curl smooth it and then I’m

going to wrap this around two fingers

and I’m going to wrap it flat because I

want it to be smooth I’m struggling with

the layers because you know I’m wearing

hair extensions so now I’m going to

pinch it for about 10 to 15 seconds and

I’m going to hold this in my hand for

about no actually I’m going to clip it

so I can move on to the next curl but

look at the amount of hair I have here

it’s gonna take like two hours to curl

it okay alright so next I mutually guys

how I got this really beautiful

luxurious standard Flatiron curls

Smoothie hair and then I’m going to take

my flat iron place it in the plate that

I’m going to turn the place 180 so the

ends of the hair comes out of the place

like this then I’m going to very slowly

bring it down

and just give it a twist this makes the

most perfect size curls for long hair

now for this one we’re going to do the

up and down weight simply going to curl

under go down go up down and this was

the pin curl we did earlier these first

method pin curl the classic curls and

the wave is back here somewhere and I

think the wave method is a fail okay so

let’s keep on going this curl is not

really a curl is more like tucked under

look for a blowout smooth it then as you

get towards the bottom you’re just going

to tuck it under and then for this one

we’re going to do the heated and then

pin it metal so we’re going to take a

small section and then I’m just simply

going to keep this up with the flat iron

and once I keep this off I’m going to

wrap this around two fingers then pin it

up and after five to ten minutes it

should be

and this was the heat and rap method and

you get these flu sweeps I want you to

know it is harder to curl hair

extensions than hair although is real

hair because hair extensions are coated

in silica so you’ll notice that my real

hair came out nicer than my hair

extension now for my bangs I’m going to

use the half a turn method okay so

basically this method is just going to

give you a slight wave so I’m going to

take my bangs and then as usual my

camera decided to shut off by itself but

basically this is a very simple method

you’re going to just twist your flat

iron away from your face halfway and

then just slide it down towards the ends

and you’re going to get these really



so after you make a simple braid we’re

going to do is pull out the side to make

it bigger and wider you can make this

braid bigger the wave ends up being now

we’re just going to heat it for about

five to seven seconds we’re going to

wait for us to cool down and then undo

the elastic so this part here what’s the

braid wave yes see now for this next one

we’re going to use the flat iron like a

curling iron so we’re going to take some

hair here and place the flat iron on top

of the hair then we’re going to take the

hair and wrap it around then open the

flat iron and bring the hair in between

the plates and pull towards the front

and what that is going to do is give you

a blown out look you see how this piece

I just showed you looks like I blew it


so I’m going to show you guys by taking

a small section here and wrapping it

around this pencil then we’re just going

to run our flat iron around it

okay so Ravel and that is a really fun


so I’m going to take a small bit of hair

here wrap it around one finger and then

I’m going to wrap my hair inside the

foil but make sure your foil is in

wrinkly because you wrapped it around

wrinkled up foil it’s going to get on

your hair as well meaning your hair is

going to follow the texture of your foil

so make sure your foils are smooth when

you put it inside of it so I’m going to

put the hair in the foil and then I’m

going to close it and then we’re just

going to heat up the foil alright so

let’s see about this foil curl to it and

we’re done if you guys found this

helpful be sure to subscribe thumbs up

and I’m going to try my best to get you

guys a discount code for this flat iron

and if I do have one by the time this

goes live that info is going to be down

in the description bar and I’ll see you

guys again next Saturday

I love you guys have a beautiful day

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