Tutorial: 4 EASY Hairstyles to SAVE DIRTY HAIR

Published on September 10, 2019

Looking for a tutorial that will show you 4 easy hairstyles to save your dirty hair? You came to the right place. These looks are great if you’re in a hurry with no time to style – especially when you’re dealing with dirty hair. Learn some ways to transform your dirty do in 5 minutes or less! We all have these days, so no need to hide behind a hat. There are some fun and quick ways to make the most of it!

having a dirty hair day with no time to

wash oh well let’s make it work

hairstyle number 1 the low messy bun for

a quick refresher I’m starting with the

dry shampoo and spraying in the oily

root sections of my hair next I’m going

to brush my hair back in one direction

as you can see and simply pin it back

just the top half with bobby pins you

can easily rock this half up half down

hairstyle but in case you feel extra

dirty let’s wrap it up into a low bun so

now what I’m just going to do is pull a

few strands out around my face and then

I’m going to pin a small section of my

bangs back and just to make sure that

they don’t fall out I’m just creating a

mini pouf securing it with bobby pins

and if you need a hairspray feel free

there you go hairstyle number two the

clean bun instead of brushing the hair

back for this hairstyle I parted my hair

down the middle and brushed it from

roots to ends next pretend you’re about

to tie your hair in a low ponytail but

instead of looping it through leave a

small section behind and wrap it around

to cover the hair tie

secure it with bobby pins and pull out

some of the hair for a little extra

volume action if you like

okay so if you have bangs like me you

can leave them out or simply twist them

into your hair and pin them back your


hairstyle number three the half of halo

for this hairstyle I’m just braiding a

handful of my hair around my ears

section on both sides

I just realized clear was not a smart

color choice for the hair tie obviously

I made a mistake so now I’m just pulling

the braid apart gently just like a pair

of shoelaces I’m tying the two braids

together and disguising the leftovers by

tucking them into the braid of course

you want to lock in the look with a few

bobby pins but you don’t want to overdo

it too much just make sure it’s nice and

secure in any of those leftover strands

just go ahead and twist them separately

or tuck them in behind the braid there

you go

last but not least the Brady Bunch

so with the brush I’m just going to

create a sleek high ponytail

I’m splitting my hair into two sections

and I’m braiding straight down on both

sides when you’ve rated both strands go

back and pull apart the braid again just

like we did the last hairstyle carefully

grab one section and wrap it around

secure it with bobby pins and then move

on to the remaining section don’t panic

if some of the hair strands start to

fall out simply brush bobby pin and

hairspray if you need to to lock in this

sleek look there you go for easy

hairstyles for those dirty hair days

which look is your favorite and until

next time

mwah mwah bye


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Tutorial - 4 EASY Hairstyles to SAVE DIRTY HAIR (ahhh!!)
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