Wedding Hairstyles + Easy Tutorial for Short and Long Hair

Published on September 14, 2019

In today’s video I am showing you guys my favorite wedding hairstyles for this year that are easy and can be done on short hair and long hair! Hair can be tough, especially if you add the pressure of wedding hair. Weather you’re looking for a bridesmaids hairstyle, wedding guest hairstyle, or a bridal hairstyle this hair tutorial is for you! I am showing you guys all my tips on formal hairstyles for both long and short hair in this tutorial!

everyone Kaleigh your friendly

neighborhood hairstylist here and today

we’re doing some wedding hairstyles

because fall in winter is kind of

wedding time surprisingly so whether

you’re in the wedding or attending a

wedding we’ve got some hairstyles for

you for today you have both myself and

my medium / short hair and my sister

Anna Laura and her long hair I’m gonna

be showing you how to do the hairstyles

on my hair and then she’s going to be

doing them on her long hair and the

benefit is that she’s not exactly the

friendly neighborhood hairstylist

she’s a lot more like learning along

with y’all so I’m gonna help her out as

she tries to recreate it hopefully this

will just be all the great tips for you

whether you have shorter or longer hair

and it will be easy to do on the day of

we always want the easiest stuff to do

because wedding days are stressful

enough anyway am i right so that being

said let’s get into it okay so first

things first we’re gonna curl the hair

both Anna and I are curling the hair

away from our face with a one-inch

curling iron which i think is just a

good standard base for any formal up to

or half updo


and yeah we have some voluminous pretty

curls in I think it’s time to do this

half updo first I shall demonstrate on

my hair basically we’re gonna be taking

three sections and twisting and pinning

them and it should all come together in

a beautiful Huff updo

let’s go ahead and say our prayer to the

twisting gods and goddesses that this

goes well alright so first things first

let’s brush back the hair on top because

you want this crown area going back that

way you get some volume

if you leave your hair parted to here

then you just have like a before your

half updo and that’s not as cute

conversely you also don’t want to brush

everything here but cuz they end up what

the also don’t want that then you’re

just gonna take like a 3/4 inch wide

section right here at the crown of your

head to get it all smooth and I’m just

gonna give this a light tease for once

she says light tease and she does light

tease then I’m just gonna twist the

section to the right a couple of times

and pin up and into the twist

you can choose to loosen this up before

or after the bobby pins whichever works

best for you for extra hold on these you

can pin into the twist and then do one

pin perpendicular to that so you’re

getting the crisscross effect and you’re

holding it as securely as possible

pinning into the twist means that the

Pens are gonna be hidden the most and

they’re gonna stay really well and

adding that crisscross one that just

kind of lays under the rest of the hair

is like your hairstyle insurance just

gonna keep it there that much better and

now we’re gonna do two more of those I’m

gonna take a section on one side I’m

gonna start on my left and as always I’m

leaving some hair on my face sweeping it

back I’m gonna give it just the lightest

of teases smooth and then twist loosen

and pin

and I’ll do the same thing on the other

side and there is your short to medium

version of this hairstyle it’s very

quick and easy to do as always with a

special occasion practice first and then

you can wear this to a wedding you can

be in a wedding add some accessories

into it whatever is cute

there’s the Shorthair version now let’s

have Aunt Laura try it on her long hair

and it will be here to help and I come

in and help one of the things you were

doing if you were opening up the bobby

pin to put it in okay and one of the

things that did is more hair which isn’t

the wrong thing but it ends up where you

could like see the bobby pin on top

which isn’t a problem for this layer but

it will be a problem for the next ones I

would just have you actually keep the

mouth of the bobby pin closed and push

up and in just like that but yeah other

than that you did great okay let’s keep



all right this is looking good so here’s

what I was saying before you did a

really great job of matching these two

sections up now it’s drooping a little

bit below this and instead of picking

this up because I don’t like that shape

I’m gonna loosen this up so that they

match and if it doesn’t lay nicely down

the way you want it to you just add in a

little bobby pin some – there we go

so now we have this nice pretty line

right here and all that took was just

loosening this up so that it all flows

together and there you know so basically

you did everything right all I did was

just to like loosen things up in

strategic places and it might help to

have a friend would definitely helped

have a mirror and it would be pretty

easy to do that yourself Anna’s doing

this blind by the way which I’ve been

doing forever so it doesn’t feel weird

to me but that’s a lot you’re doing

great all right here we go with the

other side

all right there we go I’m gonna come in

and help you finesse it cuz you don’t

have it here so first thing I’m gonna do

is finesse up here a little bit like we

did on the other side go we’re just

tucking and pinning and then part of

this horn is this little bubble right

here so we’re just gonna push that

against the head we’re gonna pull out

some over here to help balance out the

volume so part of what was happening is

that this section was coming up and so

it was creating a bubble right here so

by flattening it down and letting it lay

as it naturally would if you were to

sweep it back that keeps it from having

that bubble effect and it makes it look

really pretty as it goes back into the

twist so to make this twist look a

little bit bigger I just kind of

untwisted it a little and I’m hitting

that and then I’m just running my

fingers lightly through the ends here

and then on long hair one thing you can

add in is picking up the tails of what

we twisted back and lightly teasing

underneath just down the length of the

hair this kind of helps to Josh up the

curls and shows up the volume so you

have this kind of really voluminous

cascade coming down from the twist which

is always a really pretty look but there

you go you did it sissy and that’s the

long hair version it’s very similar to

the short hair but you do have the extra

cascading waves which are very pretty

and have kind of like a Blake Lively

look which we love and now it’s time for

some braids

yes definitely for the short hair option

which would still work on long hair

we’re going to do this half a pack down

and then Anna Laura’s going to show you

how to take it into a side braid so

you’re gonna start off with a side part

I am parted as far to the side as I want

to go and then you’re going to do a lace

French braid starting from your hairline

and sweeping back once you’ve reached

about two to three inches behind your

ear you’re gonna switch to braiding

normally and then hold your place with a

bobby pin now on the other side you’re

going to sweep back kind of an equal

section of hair and twist it loosely

underneath the crown of your head and

pin it in place by pinning into the

twist a couple of times and loosening if

you want to and now we’re actually

almost done first we’re gonna pull this

braid apart which I guess you could do

before you twist the hair if you want to

I was just getting excited and once you

have the braid is pulled apart as you

like you can sweep the end of the braid

underneath the twist and pin that in

place a couple of times pinning

up and into the brain and ice hairstyles

done and there you go quick

easy short hair version which bonus

points could be really cute on a flower


I’m just saying and now for the long

hair version you’re going to start the

exact same way with that French lace

braid going back from your hairline and

then braiding a couple edges normally

and then this time you can secure your

hair with an elastic

now you’re gonna pull that braid apart

to get it as fluffy as you want and then

we’re moving on to the side braid now if

you have any shorter layers you’re gonna

want to do that same kind of sweep and

pin that I did for the half up half down

hairstyle just to make sure everything’s

gonna stay in place all day or if you

have pretty much one length long hair

you can skip it but essentially all you

have left to do is bring all the hair

together on one side and braid it all

the way down secure it with an elastic

and then loosen it up and you’re done

I’m just gonna open up this part and

then do it I think you did a great job

do you have a headband I do let me go

find something for you there you go it’s

really pretty and that’s the long hair

version again so so easy so so simple

and it looks great

I think it’s time for a full-on up dude

even with my somewhat shorter hair so

for this we’re gonna be creating two

ponytails for the first one you’re going

to sweep back most of your hair and then

leave it looped on the last rotation and

kind of a little shenyang and then

you’re going to pull everything else

into another ponytail just underneath

that shenyang that’s the hairstyle it’s

getting okay so now you might look a

little nuts or a little bit like kind of

an off ray of Star Wars cosplay one of

the two what you’re first gonna do is

pull apart the hair up here to loosen it

all up so that’s the top bit of the hair

sorted now let’s finish this bun

situation because this is looking really

funny right now the first thing you’re

gonna do is put an elastic on the very

end of the ponytail we’ve left out yes

the very end of it it’s a look now this

is where the fun part comes in you’re

going to wrap this funny little ponytail

around the top of the chignon and pin

that in place now it still looks a

little crazy because the final thing we

have to do is pull it apart lots and

lots of just little tiny pulling motions

with your thumb and forefinger to get it

looking the way that you want it to you

might need to pin and reposition certain

pieces if any flyaways come out you

might need to pin those as well but in

general fluffing this out is going to

give it a much more voluminous textured

style look and then if you want you can

just add in an accessory and you’re done

and there you go that is the short

medium version of this hairstyle it’s a

great way to get the look of an updo

even if you don’t have a lot of hair so

if you need to match the rest of a

bridal party or you just want your hair

out of the way it’s a great option now

for the long hair version it’s actually

very similar but for the long hair

you’re just gonna pull all of your hair

into one ponytail and leave it looped on

the last rotation then with all the ends

you have left you’re going to secure

those at the end with an elastic now

before we finish the bun you’re going to

loosen up around the top and any pieces

around your face just like I did with

the short hair because obviously we want

everything nice and floaty and beautiful

and textured then with our funny little

ponytail that we have left you’re also

going to cross that over the top of the

chignon and pin that in place pull

everything apart pin as you go and it’s


one that definitely helps if you have a

mirror and or a friend I will be your


so basically at this point you can kind

of live the bobby-pins guide you you can

stick them in and then put the hair

where you want it and stick it in to the

PI tail and there you go there is the

wedding hair inspo I hope that you guys

enjoyed this if you did hit that like

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you go to a lot

you always need like a new hairstyle or

a new dress or something you just need

something so I hope this hair video

helped you out whatever way you need it

let me know in the comments down below

which was your favorite and which one

you would be most likely to wear do you

have any weddings coming up I actually

think I might be wedding free this fall

in winter ha that’s rare but whether you

know you’re gonna use this for weddings

or holiday parties or whatever I hope

you enjoyed it if you did don’t forget

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casual alert

thank you for spending time with me and

I’ll see you in my next video what ie

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore

words are just wearing a fully found in

front of filming lights with hot tools

incorrect duck T Rex duck t-rex

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